Dayspring Ministries

Children's Ministry - We meet Sunday mornings during our 10am Worship Service and Wednesday evenings during our 7pm Bible study.
Student Ministry Wednesday evenings during 7pm Bible study.

We have a passion for our children and our students and desire to see them learn about Jesus and His great love for them. We have a responsibility to teach our kids God's word in a practical and relatable way. One of the tools we use to do this is our Think Orange curriculum. For more information on our curriculum, please visit the Think Orange site.

KNOW Jesus intimately

It is our mission to lead our students to make a decision for their own salvation and personal relationship with Jesus. This personal relationship is marked by praying daily, studying the Bible and thanksgiving to God.

Our Mission

DSM Children & Student Ministry exists to KNOW Jesus intimately, DEVELOP disciples of Christ, IMPACT our community and DEEPEN friendships.

DEVELOP disciples of Christ

It is our mission to teach our students how to understand and obey God's word. Through this, our prayer is that our students mature spiritually.

IMPACT our community

It is our mission to model for our students the importance of community, outreach, evangelism and missions. Through this, our prayer is that our students will share their faith and show the love of Christ.

DEEPEN friendships

It is our mission to encourage fellowship so that our students develop meaningful friendships. These friendships foster an environment for biblical accountability, spiritual support and Christ-like love.

Nursery & Preschool

6 weeks to 6 years in Kindergarten

We not only love babies but our ministry to them is taken seriously. From newborns to preschool, our ministry volunteers care deeply for our little ones. Our goal is to meet the needs of the youngest in our church family with the love of God. We spend time singing songs, engaging them in play, and teaching simple lessons about our Lord. This ministry allows parents to worship the Lord unencumbered.

Elementary School

Grades 1-5

This is such an awesome age group because they love learning and we love teaching them! Our goal is to present the truths of scripture in a child-appropriate manner. Our curriculum is especially designed to teach a Gospel-centered message in a relevant and fun way.

Middle School

Grades 6-8

Let's be honest...hanging out with middle school students, desiring to bring them closer to Jesus, takes serious courage. It is a high energy, patience-stretching commitment. But we are all in! Using biblical lessons and fun activities, we roll up our sleeves weekly and commit to walk alongside our students to maturity.

High School

Grades 9-12

Ministry doesn't have to be boring. And believe me, we have lots of fun! We offer events, engaging services and tranformative small groups that are designed to help students encounter Jesus. We are helping students transition to adulthood while honoring God.